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Diamond Contractors is a locally owned contracting company.  Serving the Calgary area, we provide professional and skilled workmanship in both the Residential & Commercial Sectors.

Diamond Contractors Provides a vast variety of services for the Calgary Area, from full home Renovations, kitchen and bath Remodeling, Basement Developments, flooring, Painting, Exteriors, Decks and Fencing. 

Diamond Contractor also provides a full line Renovation & Remodeling for the Commercial Sector. Office buildings, Restaurants, warehouses, franchise store, Auto-shops, etc.  

What our customers are saying

We hired Diamond Contractors to replace the flooring and paint our house inside and out. gotta say it STANDS OUT when you know what your doing, and these guys do. they cleaned up at the end of every day. They covered everything in the house, reinforced my floors to get rid of the squeaking.  fixed all the walls and doors before paint. and the results were outstanding.


Mark, Glemorgan

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